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Maternity Nurse, Nanny, Sleep Consultant.

Telephone: 07861 770644

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Expert advice and support every step of the way



I am Zirconia-Sapphire also known as Nanny Sapphire,


I am a fully qualified chiltern trained Nanny based in the Northamptonshire area. I have well over 9 years experience in providing a range of support and assistance to parents and families across the world through varied and trusted methods.


As you will see throughout my website, my extensive professional experience and my continued study allow me to really offer you that support that you require


More information about myself and the services I offer can be found under the relevent sections above. 


I look forward to hearing from you.




"I found her reassuring and it helped me to accept some things about our baby and what to do to improve the situation"


Fiona M.

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"Sapphire is enthusiastic, reliable and affectionate. She is highly skilled in childcare and knowledgeable beyond her years due to her qualifications and natural affinity towards children, especially babies.  She related to our twin girls in such a delightful way, giving them all the care and attention, as well as practical skills necessary for their development."