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Zirconia-Sapphire Rolling

Maternity Nurse, Nanny, Sleep Consultant.

Telephone: 07861 770644

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Sue's reference

Excellent night nanny!



We first met Sapphire when we needed some help with our premature, baby twins. I wanted to establish a routine which was gentle and flexible enough for our new arrivals but gave me some confidence to understand their needs and plan for times when I might need another pair of hands around!


Sapphire's initial consultation helped us make a schedule which incorporated the timings we were already using but with a couple of tweaks which gave immediate results in terms of the babies being more settled in the early evening. What had previously been our 'witching hour' now became time to make and eat dinner....as a couple!


Sapphire also helped with our nighttime routine, giving some respite to either myself or my Husband so we both got a long stretch of sleep and felt ready to face the next day, invaluable sleep at a time when it can become quite an obsession!


We have continued to consult with Sapphire at various developmental milestones, just to keep us on track and keep up my confidence levels. The latest advice has been around weaning and dropping the 'dreamfeed'.


The babies love the time they have with Sapphire, she has a really gentle, fun and caring approach which they respond to with plenty of smiles - and as a Mum you can't ask for more! I enjoy the time I have with Sapphire as I find her a valuable source of information and support