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Zirconia-Sapphire Rolling

Maternity Nurse, Nanny, Sleep Consultant.

Telephone: 07861 770644

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Rebecca S Reference

Fantastic nanny


Sapphire is a truly fantastic nanny and I would recommend her to any family looking for someone very experienced and knowledgeable, as well as enthusiastic and committed to her role.


Sapphire came to help my family when my baby boy was just 3 months old and life was very challenging! With her help we really turned things around - we established a routine that benefited both me and baby, including lots of ideas on settling him to sleep that me and my husband could use that suited our style of parenting, and which worked far more easily than we had expected. Life became much easier, thanks in large part due to Sapphire. She also has a real wealth of knowledge on all aspects of caring for babies, so with her tips and advice I felt very well prepared as my baby boy progressed through different stages.


At the same time Sapphire offered a lot of practical help and I was very happy to entrust my baby into her care, even when he was very young. She has a lovely, gentle manner with him, and I could see he really thrived from the playtime and interaction he had with her.


I would add that on each occasion Sapphire was always very punctual and professional, and also flexible the times when we needed more help.


Overall, Sapphire exceeded our expectations in every way and she will be a real asset to any family.