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Zirconia-Sapphire Rolling

Maternity Nurse, Nanny, Sleep Consultant.

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Maristela's Reference

Reference for Zirconia-Sapphire Havisham-Hooper


To whom it may concern,


It is my great pleasure to recommend Zirconia-Sapphire Havisham-Hooper as a nanny.


Sapphire came to work for us first as a night nanny in May 2014 for three nights a week. Our twin girls were 2 moths old at the time. Our first meeting took place at our home and Sapphire was relaxed, confident, knowledgeable and very friendly. Sapphire took charge from the moment she arrived and had a definite positive manner about her. Our two baby girls responded very well to her and my husband and I felt relaxed and confident knowing that they were in good hands. After 3 weeks due to personal reasons, Sapphire had to stop working as a night nanny.  However, we were very lucky to have Sapphire back working for us as our full time nanny four days a week from July-December 2014.


Sapphire is enthusiastic, reliable and affectionate. She is highly skilled in childcare and knowledgeable beyond her years due to her qualifications and natural affinity towards children, especially babies.  She related to our twin girls in such a delightful way, giving them all the care and attention, as well as practical skills necessary for their development.


Very shortly after Sapphire took up her position as our nanny, she helped me understand better their sleep patterns and tweaked a few things in their daily routine to help them settle more quickly. This ultimately contributed greatly to our girls becoming two extremely contented babies.


Sapphire approaches her work with the upmost professionalism and takes a lot of pride in her work. The needs of our twin girls were met to an extremely high standard at all times. The girls were always very stimulated and happy. She planned varied activities and outings on a daily basis and ensured the babies were exposed to many different experiences. Sapphire helped me greatly with weaning and is well suited to preparing meals for growing babies. She cooked delicious food for our girls!


Sapphire is incredibly well organised and uses time wisely to complete all the nursery jobs. She is proactive and uses her initiative, however, always respecting our personal philosophies on childcare.


We feel very fortunate to have had Sapphire as our nanny. We would have loved to have kept her longer, but the time had come for her to become a mum too! We wish her all the very best and have no hesitation in recommending her.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear more about our experiences with Sapphire.