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Zirconia-Sapphire Rolling

Maternity Nurse, Nanny, Sleep Consultant.

Telephone: 07861 770644

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Helen D Reference


I am writing to recommend Miss Zirconia-Sapphire Havisham-Romain-Hooper as a nanny.  Sapphire worked as a nanny for us for 16 months  from September 2010 until December 2011.  During this time Sapphire proved herself to be a very trustworthy and competent employee.


Sapphire clearly loves working with children and invested a lot of time playing with the children and supporting them with their learning. Sapphire became an integral part of our family and our children loved being around her.  Sapphire undertook the duties of cooking for the children, some light cleaning of the house, supporting the children with their homework and after school activities and was very good with the bath time duties.  She is still fondly remembered by all the family and if I were to go back to work again in the near term then I would be delighted to entrust Sapphire with looking after my three children again.


Helen Dryer