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Hannah G reference


Sapphire worked for us from January until July 2013 as a maternity nurse/ nanny.  I was expecting twins in Feb/ Mar time so she joined us earlier so that our 3 year old could get to know her and feel happy to be spending more time with her once the babies were on the scene.  I hadn’t had a nanny before but right from the interview with her, I could tell that she would be a big hit with my son, who was the main focus at the beginning.


As a nanny for my toddler she was brilliant, playing all sorts of games with him, encouraging to do things other than watch the TV (which had perhaps been going on a bit too much as my pregnancy progressed!) and made him feel like he had a grown up friend coming to play with him every day.  From day one Sapphire fitted in with us and made me feel very comfortable about taking things a bit easier whilst still pregnant, as she very quickly fitted in with our routine.


When the twins arrived in Feb one of them needed to stay in the NICU for his first 4 and a half weeks.  As you can imagine this was pretty awful for all concerned but having Sapphire with us meant that my older son continued with his nursery and routine, with someone he loved, whilst my husband, twin 2 and I popped in and out of hospital.  Having Sapphire around made this situation so much less stressful than it otherwise might have been.


Then, when we finally got both twins at home together, Sapphire was in her element.  Again having her there meant that I was comfortable going back to bed during that relentless 3-hourly feed cycle, knowing that my toddler was having fun and felt in no way left out and that if the babies needed anything she would take care of it.  I was breastfeeding my daughter and expressing for my son, who had a bottle and Sapphire regularly helped with feeding/ preparing the feed/ diagnosing reflux etc.


As things settled down a bit we started to get into a great routine, mainly down to Sapphire (I knew I would have to with twins but hadn’t much experience from my first time around) and the happy, smiley, content and well rested babies they are today are a great testament to her gentle but persuasive influence on an otherwise slightly disorganized mummy!


Whilst Sapphire was with us she qualified as a sleep trainer and I can vouch for her skills as many of my friends, some with twins and some with singletons, who saw how happy my babies were (and did I mention sleeping through the night from about 4 months?!) had consultations with her to help with their own challenges.  


Sapphire is very professional, punctual and reliable.  She has a gentle, enthusiastic manner, which all children that she met whilst with us, responded to.  Whilst I credit her with getting us into a great routine, at no point did I feel anything other than I had a great support who I could talk to about anything and know that she was as interested as me in ensuring we had 3 contented, happy kids in the house.  She is very practical and happy to help with cooking, washing, tidying up around the children and has an upbeat and positive outlook on life in general.


Sapphire was part of our family for the 7 months she was working here and I am happy to rave about her to anyone who might want to check her references.  If we could afford it she would still be working here but in the meantime I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


Hannah Graham