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Zirconia-Sapphire Rolling

Maternity Nurse, Nanny, Sleep Consultant.

Telephone: 07861 770644

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I am originally from Northamptonshire, where I grew up with my mother, father and two sisters. Horse riding from a very young age, and helping with the daily care of the livestock, goats and sheep that we reared.


I was an active team member of the local majorette Troupe, and enjoyed regular Ice-skating lessons competing at regional level figure skating. My hobbies include: Cooking, Entertaining, Computing and Cross stitch. I live in Northamptonshire with my husband Jonathan, and our son. We are both very career minded, and dedicated to our professions. I drive and have a reliable vehicle, suitably insured for the transportation of children of all ages.


My childcare experience comes from a variety of roles I have completed since my training, including working as a Supply Nursery Nurse for a Specialist Recruitment Firm in a variety of nurseries and primary schools which has taught me to become very adaptable. Previously I have nannied in daily, nightly, live-in, live-out & ad-hoc capacities including proxy-parenting (24 hour care).The variety of infants I have cared for has allowed me to have lots of sole charge of twins which is a particular area of interest to me and I enjoy the challenge this holds. I enjoy sharing knowledge by observing, supporting and advising parents on aspects of childcare relevant at the time such as feeding methods, sleeping and routines. I do support natural breastfeeding, and encourage this when possible.


I have knowledge and experience of babies with Reflux, Colic, Developmental Delay, Dietary Requirements and Allergies. And I am happy to support the infant and family through these difficulties and offer advice, support and suggestions that may help. At Sheffield Hallam University, I was privileged as part of my nurse training to take on practical placements inside Oncology and General Paediatric Wards as well as spending time with School Nurses caring for newborns to 18 years of age, which gave me great insight into how other health professionals work.


I take my professional role seriously and act discreetly and respectfully in clients homes giving the family the privacy and space they require whilst on duty. I endeavour to meet all the needs of the family and leave behind a relaxed and contented family.


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